The Buzz about McPhee's Bees on Kauai.. Part 1.. Propolis

                                                                Propolis.. Pro = Before & Polis = City

 So, I bet you are wondering about bee propolis because it is in almost every Mahina Skincare product! It's  one of the byproducts that bees produce naturally, collecting resins from surrounding trees. Propolis resin is found along the sides of the hives, and is collected (by us humans) and used for various health benefits.

Bees are so cool, they actually take this stuff and use it to seal cracks in their hive, help to disinfect vulnerable areas ( to bacteria, viruses) and to "embalm" intruders! 

Propolis has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years for particular health benefits that come along with it being packed with nutrition and being antimicrobial.  It has high levels of antioxidants, is healing, anti- inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal. In skincare the propolis provides powerful antioxidants, helps to heal blemishes, and protects the skin's surface from bacterial and viral invaders. 

So, this is where Manda McPhee comes in. Manda is the owner and operator of McPhee's Bees of Kauai, Hawaii. She has been working with bees for a decade and her skill set is impressive. Manda cares for and manages over 50 hives in Moloaa, Kauai. She uses natural beekeeping methods and handles her hives with care. Manda has developed a number of products and propolis is one that Mahina Skincare gets in the mail often.




                                           Check out Manda in action as she explains a bit about her bees.




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