Brenna’s true gift is that of an intuitive healer. She sees what people need for healing and creates skincare products with love and a pure heart to deliver that healing for them. She is a fierce, single mama bear for her two cubs and is focused on building a business that is sustainable and heals the earth for the next generation. She believes that everybody deserves to take exquisite care of their skin even if it’s during the only five minutes you get to yourself.

 Mahina Skincare products include organic cold-pressed oils, Hawaiian clay, raw Kauai honey & propolis, fresh hydrosols, organic essential oils, enzymes, coffee,
oats, sugar, rice, aloe, and medicinal herbs.
These products were formulated to be dual or multi purpose to cut out unnecessary skincare purchasing habits. 
Mahina Skincare products are developed in Marin County, California.