We Proudly Support

I have strong opinions about where I source my ingredients. I maintain high quality standards when locating each item included in Mahina Skincare Products. I work with small, passionate businesses that have sustainable practices. Some of these businesses are in Hawaii and some in the US mainland. Ingredients are always sourced with care and are raw / wildcrafted / wildharvested / handcrafted / organic / non-GMO.
When we work with anyone for photographs, videography, labels, bottles etc.. We purchase from small independent companies.
We work with amazing artisans! Scroll down & have a look-see.
Manda McPhee - McPhee's Bees, Kauai HI
Kauai Herbals, Kauai HI
Hawaiian Clay.. Awalau Farms, Maui HI
Aloha Therapy, Pahoa HI
Ananda Apothecary, Boulder CO 
Alyssa Bokovoy Photography, UT-HI
Bonnie Hailer - Videography, Bonnie Blue Productions Kauai, Hawaii
(Pictured below)