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Mahina Skincare

Balance Oil

Balance Oil

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This multipurpose coldpressed oil blend is created with the intention of balancing oil production and mood through carefully selected essential oils. Medicinal herbs and vitamin e are included for healing benefits and artisanal propolis from Hawaiian bees adds an antibacterial and antiviral touch. 
This facial oil can be used as a cleanser as well as a moisturizer. Add to your Daily Micro Exfoliant for a luxurious moisture rich exfoliating session.

** Lavender, Sage, Rosemary, Geranium and Rose essentials.

** Calendula, St. John’s Wort, Echinacea and Chamomile infused. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Camille Mouton
Absolute Nourishment

I am so happy with my new balance oil. The name holds true! My skin feels so nourished, clean, healthy and just super Balanced. Not only my skin, but the fragrance from the oils used in this product gives me such a grounding effect immediately. I LOVE IT! When I have it on people comment how wonderful I smell. I also love to use it as an oil cleanser sometimes. The tips of my hair love it!!! I use a few drops as an anti frizz oil when my hair is needing some extra love, and it makes it silky and smooth and lovely.
Can’t recommend this product enough!
Thanks Brenna for creating and making these beautiful product for us:) They are truly unique and special.

kate dane
Life changing

After a terrible accident scarring my face, I used balance oil twice a day to sooth the areas in need of healing. Doctors who warned me I may never fully heal were amazed at how quickly and beautifully my skin healed and scarring disappeared by 100%. Brenna has created a magical oil and I’m so grateful for it!

Alecia Krokroskia
Best Product Ever!

I have been using Balance oil since 2010 and I haven't found anything else that compares. I'm a 44 year old woman with dry, sensitive skin-Brenna's products have kept my skin youthful and radiant. I use Balance oil in combination with the Daily Scrub and as a night time moisturizer. Not only do these products make my skin happy and beautiful but they also smell absolutely divine!