Balance Oil 2oz

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Mahina Balance Oil is specially formulated for combination skin types. This multi-purpose beauty oil provides deep moisture, aids in scar reduction and helps to balance oil production. Cold pressed organic oils including evening primrose, kukui, coconut, rosehip seed and apricot kernel are quickly absorbed and provide omegas and vitamins to cells. Kukui is most similar to human sebum and when applied to the skin, "tricks" the body into creating less oil. Vitamin E, St. John's wort, calendula, echinacea and chamomile provide anti-oxidants for cell regeneration and aid in relieving inflammation. Kauai bee propolis provides an anti-bacterial shield for the skin's surface, keeping future break outs at bay. This moisturizer is accompanied by a blend of organic essential oils including rose, geranium, sage, lavender and rosemary. These essentials work together to assist in creating a "balanced" facial moisturizer for all skin types but especially recommended for combination skin.