Dynamic Exfoliant Duo

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This Dynamic Exfoliation Duo covers your exfoliation bases.

The Daily Micro Exfoliant is gentle enough to use daily, and strong enough to manage sloughing off dead cells, dirt and sunscreen build up. Use this enzyme packed exfoliant regularly to manage sun spots, as well as fine lines and un-even skin tone.

( See Daily Micro Exfoliant for details)

The 6oz Breakfast Scrub is a wonderfully moisturizing and nourishing exfoliant suitable for face & body, daily or as a treatment. Breakfast Scrub helps to minimize and heal ingrown hair and rash, post shave or wax. Breakfast Scrub  leaves a moisture seal of cold pressed organic oils including macadamia nut and olive. Hawaiian bee propolis adds anti bacterial qualities. This product is perfect for vacation because it exfoliates and imparts moisture.

( See Breakfast Scrub for details)

*Great combo for face and body all year!