Day Serum

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This lightweight daily treatment derives it's lush fragrance from the Hawaiian Pikake flower. Day Serum includes a Kauai coffee cinnamon hydrosol which stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, creating a youthful glow. Organic aloe as well as organic cold pressed oils (Kukui, Fractionated Coconut, Evening Primrose) heal and nourish sun exposed skin, and impart moisture. Artisanal Kauai made bee propolis is added for anti bacterial qualities, and for an extra boost in healing, vitamin e is included.

This product is lightly scented with pikake flower oil in a jojoba carrier. Aloha Therapy is a small company sending out flower essences and essential oils from Pahoa, Big Island.

*This nutritive daily moisturizer is suitable to use under your regular SPF.

*Day Serum is an awesome makeup primer.

*Day Serum is transformed into a new moisturizer when blended with any Mahina Skincare facial oil. Feel free to drop both moisturizers into your palm, rub your hands together and voilà! A whole new treatment for you to enjoy..

*Using Day Serum as well as any Mahina Facial Oil will give you an extra boost to help battle dry skin, irritation, scars, and fine lines.