Mahina Starter Kit

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This starter kit is a perfect way to discover Mahina Skincare. Gift yourself, or a friend with an easy and luxurious skincare routine. 

Exfoliate daily with the Mahina Micro-Exfoliant. Rice, pineapple, and papaya enzymes gently slough off dirt , sunscreen and dead cells while  Maui Clay assists in detoxifying and purifying the surface of your skin. Add water to this amazing powder to create your desired consistency. Apply to a damp face and neck for best results. For a more moisturizing treatment, add few pumps of any Mahina facial oil to your exfoliation experience

Day Serum is a lightweight daily treatment that derives it's lush fragrance from the Hawaiian Pikake flower. Day Serum includes a Kauai coffee cinnamon hydrosol which stimulates the surface of the skin, creating a youthful glow. Organic aloe as well as organic cold pressed oils (Kukui, Coconut, Evening Primrose) impart moisture. Kauai bee propolis is added for anti bacterial qualities. This nutritive daily moisturizer is suitable to use under your regular SPF.

*Using Day Serum as well as any Mahina Facial Oil will give you an extra boost to help battle irritation, scars, and fine lines.

Mahina facial oils are deeply moisturizing and healing in nature. The Smooth Aftershave, Calm, and Balance Oil all contain medicinal herbs which help to battle irritation as well. The facial oils can be used three different ways..

1) Oil Cleansing. You may wash your face with any Mahina facial oil. To do so, apply two pumps to your palm, rub hands together and wash up as usual. (Please avoid your eyes because the essential oils may irritate.. ladies, please instead stick to a plain olive or coconut oil for eye-makeup removal). Travel along your face in small circles concentrating on areas needing it most. Rinse with fresh water.

2) Add 1 pump to your Daily Micro Exfoliant. You may add a pump to your exfoliation experience for a moisturize rich exfoliating treatment. Sometimes after a day out in the elements, you may want to help bring some life back to your appearance. This daily treatment is a sure fire way to do just that.

3) Daily Moisture. For maximum benefits and absorption please apply to clean, exfoliated skin. You may use your facial oil in the morning as well as the evening. You may use it as your only moisturizer for the day under your regular SPF. It can also follow a layer of Day Serum OR can be blended in the palm of your hand with Day Serum for an entirely new moisturizer.

Gently Heal with the Mahina Facial Oil of your choice. "Calm" "Balance" "Smooth Aftershave" and "Nani" are all available to choose from.

 Choose between our Calm Hydrating Mist (lilikoi lemongrass distillation) or our Energy Hydrating Mist (coffee cinnamon distillation).