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If there is anything that inspires me it’s a woman who follows her passion. Brenna Stratton is passionate about Hawaii, about skincare, and about making a beautiful organic product. She has developed her own natural skin care line. A licensed esthetician in Hawaii and California she makes skincare products indigenous to Hawaii. Like so many of us she wears many hats; a wife, a mother, a pub maiden, and an entrepreneur.
She lived on Kauai with her husband Dustin for eight years. Dustin was raised on the west side of the island since a youngster so it is home for him and his family. For her, living in Hawaii was one of the most magical experiences of her life. The time she spent on Kauai has gifted her a deep love and appreciation of the Hawaiian Islands, the people, the history, and island culture. When she returned to California in late 2009, she missed the tropical lifestyle that comes along with life in Hawaii.
Her first baby came in October of 2010 and she named her Porter Mahina Marinus. I remember putting her in my Ergo pack and blending cold pressed oils and thinking.. “I need to tell people about this.” I decided to dedicate more of my time to learning and sharing information about natural methods of self-care.”
She started to develop a business and named it Mahina Skincare. and named the line after her daughter, Porter. “It felt really good to create something healing and helpful for others while keeping the “flame alive” so to speak, in my connection to Hawaii. I also feel very passionately about sourcing organic and unique ingredients from small business owners in Hawaii and US mainland.” she says.
She purchases red clay from a small business on Maui, and collects raw bee products and fresh handmade hydrosols from Kauai artisans. I buy medicinal herbs, cold pressed organic oils, butters and essential oils from small businesses in the mainland as well. Products are developed in small batches and always made with tons of love and care.
“Part of mastering the art of beautiful skin is making sure you feel beautiful inside. Taking time each day to nourish your face and body can do wonders for the skin and magic for the soul.”
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