Day Serum

Hawaiian Clay

Deep in Maui's Rainforest, careful hands harvest this mineral rich clay. The earth is sun dried and hand sifted until a fine powder is produced. 

The Starter Kit is a great introduction to Mahina skincare. My favorites are the calm oil and the micro-exfoliant. I love how the balance oil is lightweight, multipurpose, and it's great for my combination skin. I've been having problems with clogged pores and sensitivity and couldn't pinpoint what exactly was causing my skin to flare up. I decided to completely switch to green, all-natural skincare and concluded it was most likely coconut derivatives and heavy silicones in over the counter skincare products. I am so glad I found Mahina! Thank you Brenna for customizing my oil!


The breakfast scrub was a valentines day gift I bought for myself!! For starters, I received my order promptly and it was safety packaged. I lived in Hawaii for 6 years and natural products derived from the islands always spike my interest to try. I also am an avid supporter of small, local businesses. I use my breakfast scrub as a treat to myself to take me to the islands when I want to relax. I'm currently camping at the beach and my scrub is the perfect asset to my vacation. It truly is "a vacation in a bottle!" I've received compliments from my sister who is a professional in the skincare industry, on how great my skin is looking lately. My only change on my routine is the breakfast scrub.


I'm obsessed with this scrub in the am! The smell is amazing and wakes you right up....and it leaves your skin feeling amazingly smooth without over-drying. Excellent product!!!


Thank You!

Many thanks for visiting and supporting this store. All products are thoughtfully hand crafted in small batches. Ingredients are carefully selected from the finest businesses that use sustainable practices.