Mahina Skincare at Pin Up Hair Emporium and Unique Boutique


We are super happy and proud to be a featured product line at Pin Up Hair Emporium and Unique Boutique in San Rafael, CA. Becky De la Rosa, (senior stylist and owner) is a creative and innovative stylist and her salon features locally made and natural self care products.

Becky uses and sells John Masters products which are chemical and synthetic free skin and hair products.. //  John Masters' philosophy: Caring about yourself and caring about the earth don't have to be mutually exclusive. For over 20 years, this has been the guiding force in creating Super Natural Beauty for your hair, your skin, and your home.

Natural mineral makeup is available at Pin Up.. Jane Iredale.. // Jane Iredale tidbit: Jane Iredale cosmetics is a leader in the natural mineral make up revolution, providing quality formulas with skin care benefits for all. Jane Iredale delivers excellent make up while being deeply committed to doing so without harsh chemicals and heavy metals while ensuring her vitamin and antioxidant rich formulas include certified organic ingredients whenever possible.

The boutique inside of Pin Up includes awesome jewelry, accessories, gifts, retro kitchenware & more all exclusively from local artisans. Becky has also created a few natural self care products including a number of salt scrubs and tinted dry shampoos. If you get a chance visit the team.. info at.. // email:



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