Breakfast Scrub 6oz

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Wake up and smell the coffee! This dual purpose scrub exfoliates & moisturizes. Finely ground organic coffee, oats, + organic brown sugar manually slough off dead cells. Raw Kauai honey nourishes and heals while organic cold pressed oils (macadamia, olive, sesame and grapeseed) leave the skin feeling ultra smooth. This scrub is wonderful for both sexes, and is very popular amongst summer and beach enthusiasts.

   * Use Breakfast Scrub as your occasional exfoliant/ treatment for face, neck, and body.

   *Breakfast Scrub is a wonderful body and post shave/wax exfoliant.

   *This exfoliant is perfect for travel or a speedy treatment because it exfoliates and imparts moisture at the same time.

   * Mahina Wood Burned Spoons are available to keep your scrub moisture free.