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Mahina Skincare

Honey Peel

Honey Peel

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Honey Peel is a dual purpose gentle exfoliant that is necessary for all exfoliation routines regardless of skin type. 
Papaya and Pineapple enzymes gently dissolve keratinized cells, oil and dirt. Fine lines are gently lifted with continued use in addition to your regular routine. 
Nourishing raw Kauai honey adds enzymes as well, in addition to adding a healing element after a sunburn, chemical peel, or irritant. 

Propolis adds an antibacterial antiviral antifungal touch. 

Essentials of lavender and geranium are included as well as vitamin e. 

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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use, works well, no complaints !

Apply to warm damp face, let sit, and wipe away with a warm wash cloth!

I had reached out Mahina Skincare with questions on how to use the honey peel and was delighted to have received a quick and kind response.

My skin feels great (softer) and has a slight glow after just one use of the honey peel — I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with continued use.

Thank you Mahina !