Ola Mask

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Ola Mask is a Kit. 

Maui Clay and essential oil / vitamin e infused McPhee's Bees Kauai Honey make up this two part system. 

Kit includes a Wood Burned Mahina Spoon, Wooden Bowl, Fan Brush, and of course the Maui Clay and Kauai Honey. 

*Organic essentials of lavender & geranium / vitamin e + McPhee’s Bees Propolis are folded into the honey. 
 * SLOWLY add purified water and or tea to activate. * It is better to have a paste and a wet face than a watery mask.  

My personal muse, Ola Mask is purifying, healing and magical. 
Use this mask to pull out toxins and impart mineral rich enzyme rich nourishment. 
Prep your pores for extraction because this brings everything to the surface. 
Ola Mask tightens and heals as it draws toxins out of the epidermis.