Ola Mask 2oz (Alae from Haiku, Maui)

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Ancient Hawaiians used this clay to help heal bruises and swelling from broken bones. It was used in purification ceremonies, and it was appointed to bless traveling vessels and hunting instruments

This red clay contains 82 trace minerals including magnesium, calcium, and potassium. This Alae (red clay) is harvested deep in the rainforest on Maui. It has been purified by rainfall for thousands of years. We will add Kauai lilikoi lemongrass hydrosol OR coffee cinnamon, aloe, raw honey, lavender, vitamin e and propolis to create a healing detox mask..

To ensure freshness, scoop out the amount needed for one application at a time in a separate bowl.

Apply and wait ten to fifteen minutes (drying time) to receive full detoxing and tightening effects.

Spray dried mask with a Mahina Hydrating Mist to reactivate the mask for a more effective treatment.

Apply to lymphatic areas on the neck.

Apply any Mahina moisturizing oil after you clean the mask off, your skin will be ready for deep moisture.

Use immediately and discard after 2 months.