Collection: Treat Tone & Treat Again

Honey Peel, Ola Mask and Hydrating Mist Energy are handcrafted specialty items. 

Honey Peel is a tropical fruit enzyme & honey based exfoliant. It is best for sensitive skin, those suffering from wind burn / sun burn or are recovering from a more abrasive peel. 

Ola Mask is a purifying and healing mineral rich ancient clay mask. It pulls out inpurities and imparts incredible 

Hydrating Mist is a handcrafted hydrosol with Kauai Coffee & Cinnamon, it "wakes up" the skin and stimulates / promotes collagen. 

Day Serum is a whipped aloe & cold pressed oil blend that heals and protects, while providing a base layer of moisture before your preferred SPF or daily / nightly moisture.

Nani Oil is a cold pressed oil blend for face & decolletage that adds a little SPF, penetrates and plumps, smells like Pikake, and is a perfect addition to any skin regime.

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